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Hunza River

Hunza River

Hunza was known for many fascinating things such as Culture, People, Ancient Forts, Languages, Dresses, Folks, Music, Mountains and Hospitality. Hunza was ruled by local ruler from thousands of years with peace, tranquility and harmony. Hunza Valley is Ethnically divided into lower (shina), central (Burushal) and upper (Gojal) regions.

(i) The Lower Hunza area – (from Khizerabad to Nasirabad (Heeni) is mainly inhabited by the Shinaki people who are Shina speakers;
(ii) The Central Hunza area – (from Murtazaabad to Attaabad) is mainly inhabited by Burushaski speakers.
(iii) The Upper Hunza area, known as Gojal – (from Shiskat to Khunjerab is mainly populated by Wakhi speakers.

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